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Bulgaria is attracting firms from all over Europe ,Keen to relocate in an EU country unaffected by high running costs . The real estate business in Bulgaria is flourishing by each passing day. The reason for the influx of foreign investment in property in Bulgaria is the affordable prices of land in this part of Europe. At this point of time, it is very logical and practical to invest here. Foreign and local investment is strengthening the economy of Bulgaria,while a large number of business investors are being attracted by the cheap land . The government is putting in a lot of efforts to raise the standard of tourism in Bulgaria and a good portion of foreign investment has been spent in raising the level of tourism, which has resulted in the fast development of tourism in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria property investment has been flourishing since Bulgaria entered the European Union. The government has also performed very well,Lowering Business Tax to just 10% and capital gains tax also 10% . Plus the highly controlled laws of Bulgaria have helped in building the economy and infrastructure of this country. This is the perfect time to go for Bulgaria property investment..Local and international investors are selecting and picking the most favorable and sought after properties in Bulgaria , So hurry up and select one of the cheapest Country,s anywhere in Europe, Bulgaria. As a buyer, you are very lucky if you are deciding on Bulgaria property investment right now, as the governmental laws and regulations have been formulated in a disciplined way, and they really support the buyers, whether they are local or international buyers, both will not face any complications, in buying property in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is going to be one of the most developed countries in the EU soon as a result of the huge grants still to come here , And as the recession comes to an end ,we will see the prices of property touching the sky. This will be the result of continuous development and investment by foreign investors and companies. Many of the European companies are already flocking to set up their factories in Bulgaria , because of the cheapness of Bulgaria property investment. The versatility of this land has also attracted a large number of investors to the place. The boom in Bulgaria property investment is because this land has so much beauty and choice for people of different taste.. Plus the economic factors.

Romanian businesses have massively started to move to Bulgaria, in an attempt to avoid the worst affects of the current global financial crisis in their home country, Bulgarian daily newspaper 'Standart' report . Aug 2009)The Bulgarian border city of Ruse has already seen a boom in the office and factory rental property being sought by Romanian business men,and this trend is expected to continue well into 2010

This business orientated migration comes about due to the lower running costs of businesses in Bulgaria, up to 45% less according to some experts.

Wages for staff are much lower, just 230 euro monthly ,less than 1/3 that of other EU countries, along with lower insurance payments, electricity bills and truck fuels for transportation of finished factory goods to the rest of the world, according to Kamen Kolev the Director of the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

Kolev also added that multi-national companies from Bulgaria's Southern neighbor Greece are also starting to re-direct their attention to Bulgaria for the same reasons. He added that the average wage in Bulgaria is EUR 230,while in Greece it is EUR 1400,While Ireland is 1500 euro monthly .There is nowhere to compare to it .

The Greek newspaper 'To Vima' concluded that cheaper running costs are attracting Greek companies and multi-nationals to Bulgaria, stating that Tate & Lyle Greece, Unilever, US company Crown paints, Cork & Seal, and German firm Triumph have already started or completed the move to BULGARIA. This business orientated migration comes about due to the lower factory and office rents ,cheap fuel for transport , running costs of businesses cheap labor, Low Taxes, and huge start up grants from the EU . Plus its strategic position in Europe, close to the New markets of Asia and Russia Make Bulgaria a very positive move INDEED.