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Bulgaria is truly an impressive country, which is located in Eastern Europe with an elaborate coastline that is extending to about 340 kilometers along the the black sea. The majestic mountain range,s in Bulgaria are among the world's most charming and exotic . Sofia,The capital city is the choice for many EU company headquarters as a result of the location and other benefits which we will come to later . Nowadays Bulgaria is one of the most attractive places for tourists, and has become the hot spot for that dream destination. The other great thing about Bulgaria is its cheap land, which is open to all investors , in other words, Bulgaria has become the ideal place or final destination for overseas property investors . According to the UK rank chart, Bulgaria comes in second place, giving outstanding investment return . The most amazing thing is that Bulgaria maintains its position on the chart with 71 percent return on cash investment in property .
Bulgaria has a fantastic property market. After joining the European Union, the country become the ideal place for land investment because of the cheap prices ; more after, many Investment Company's have invested heavily in the field of property. Bulgaria has the lowest priced property in Europe ,and that fact. This makes the country a very attractive investment to foreigners wishing to invest their money in the field of tourism due of its long stretch of coast line ,long dependable summers and skiing resorts. Bulgaria is also one of the cheapest countries in Europe for skiing , offering the lowest rate,s in ski accommodation. Buying a home or building plot in Bulgaria is very easy and simple. And owning land in Bulgaria is also easy when you form a company . A Bulgarian company incorporation is the best solution for buying land in Bulgaria and the cost of incorporation is around 650.00 GBP. Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria and the hot spot for investors because of its vibrant ski resorts and attractive property investments. Varna is also a top class investment because of its beaches ; These are by far the best places to invest in. Each and every new development draws the attention of foreign investors to invest their money and they happily do it by buying in these places.
The price drop of real estate in Bulgaria is now showing signs of bottoming off . Compared to the last few months of steady loses .In fact property prices are as low now as in 2005, the rates of real estate properties are down almost 55% in the last few months . All the large and main cities in Bulgaria including Sofia,have suffered heavy loses in property prices. And when one considers that the property prices were the lowest in the EU even before the correction ,Well we we see this timing as a great opportunity to add to ones portfolio . It does not get any better than this .Everything here is ripe for the picking ,as they say. Now Bulgarian banks are beginning to offer mortgage,s and loans again , and this is starting to have a positive impact on the property market.
There is another thing that attracts the foreign investor toward Bulgaria, that is its cheap labor, with average salary,s being just 250.euro monthly, coupled with the cheapest factory and office rental rates anywhere in Europe , these too things are attracting foreign companies to setup their business over here.Company,s from Greece, France ,Italy,Spain ,and Ireland are already relocating here First of all,the labor force is well educated that's why their work performance is quite high ,but low in salary rate . These points are very beneficial for foreign companies. Fuel is another thing that catches the attention of big multinational firms to relocate over here, because the fuel costs in Bulgaria are very low ,being half the cost of the rest of the EU. These three things make Bulgaria an ideal place for investment. In the last year , many such companies are moving their warehouse,s to Bulgaria to enjoy the low rates of well educated labor , cheap fuel for delivery of their goods ,cheap factory rental,cheap office rental,and of course,huge grants from the EU . This all ads up to good economic sense and huge profit,s. And good investment opportunity,s