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About Bulgaria
Why invest in Bulgaria

Bulgaria geography

Reogions to invest in Bulgaria

Dobrich district Bulgarian Golf Riviera

Yambol district invest in nature

Bourgas district the Black sea pearl

Varna district the Black sea capital

Sunny beach the biggest sea resort

Golden sands park and resort area

Black sea coast

Shkorpilovtsi the newest beach resort in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is very well positioned in Eastern Europe, bordered to the East by the Black sea and to the south by Turkey and Greece .

This gives the country a very good moderate climate. Secondly, the land in Bulgaria is still the cheapest in Eastern Europe.

Even as property prices drop, due to extreme high valuations else where in Europe, here in Bulgaria the land prices are holding well due to the low valuations.

As for the economy, it has been growing steady between 5-7% year on year for the last 5 years, out stripping its neighbours.

Infact Government figures show  Bulgaria grew at 7 % up until December 2008.

Predictions for growth in for 2009 are between 2 and 4 % growth, while the rest of Europe and the US are in deep recession, with negative growth predicted for at least the next year and a half.

Bulgaria is set for continued growth due to strong banking infrastructure, cheap property prices, 6 months of summer, plus the country is still receiving huge EU grants from Brussels.

This we feel, makes Bulgaria an ideal investment opportunity in property investment at this time.

As Bulgaria has quite a long way to go to catch up with European property values, even after the rest of Europe is finished with its property value correction.

We highly recommend Bulgaria as a magnificent investment opportunity, and we view the comming months (as we approach the summer) as the best entry time for investment in Bulgaria.

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