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Eurolink Investment Group have been appointed by the Bulgarian Government to design the new VARNA...The world is going crazy.

What we have believed up to now, what we based our hopes on, what for ages we were taught to trust, all this is collapsing.

And is collapsing why?

Because it was based on false values, it was basically a balloon that took obviously 80 years to blow up, but it has blown up.

Last night I was monitoring the news.

I didn’t get much sleep to be honest with you, because I wanted to position ourselves today on a firm base.

What is coming up in the news is just amazing.

But an item has confirmed the validity and the correctness of the policy which we have followed for years.

People, the news said, are turning to traditional values.

Now, what are these values - Gold, Diamonds, Land and Property!

Those who have money to invest they are not giving it to the banks any more; they are not giving it to the Stock Exchange anymore; they don’t trust them anymore; they are turning to the traditional values.

As a student of economics I was taught that this is a primitive way of investing.

Well, it appears that we are going back in history. We are going back to the primitive times.

It appears and it is obvious that these are the values which we can actually rely on.

These are values with unchangeable historic length.Wednesday 25th February 2009, in a warm, short and straight-to-the-point presentation, Eurolink Investment Group hosted its conference - “Bulgaria, breaking through the clouds of recession”.

Despite the fact that the investor psychology is currently hitting astonishing lows and continues its downward trend, our Group has managed once again to demonstrate that excellent investments may be hard to find but definitely exist.

While unveiling our plans for the future development of Varna, our Group has proven that those who have followed a careful strategy are still going strong during these hard times.

Other companies may cese to exist, but we expect to reach the end of the economic crisis unscathed.

During the cocktail that followed the presentations I had the chance to communicate with many of our guests.

Some of them were existing investors, while others are in the process of joining us.

They all shared the same view. Our Group is marketing a prime, first class product, and has managed to design a detailed and well-structured Master Plan.

This is no coincidence.

This is a product of the successful corporate strategy that our Group has followed.

Eurolink Investment Group has made millions of euro worth of investments since the time it was incorporated and has reached this amazing stage, where its assets are now valued more than 250 million euro, while the Group does not owe a single penny.