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Dobrich district Bulgarian Golf Riviera

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Bourgas district the Black sea pearl

Varna district the Black sea capital

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Shkorpilovtsi the newest beach resort in Bulgaria

Resort of Shkorpilovtsi

Resort of Shkorpilovtsi  is located in North-East Bulgaria, Varna District.

It is part of Dolni chiflik Municipality. It lies some 38km to the south of Varna, 20 km north from town of Byala.

Shkorpilovtsi is named after two Czech brothers, Shkorpil, who have been acknowledged for their contribution to the development of Bulgarian archeology in the late 19th c.

The resort of Shkorpilovsi is close to Kamchia river.

The beach is 10 kilometers long and 150- 200 m wide.

The longest beach in Bulgaria.

The resort has become  more popular  with preferance for vacation among many tourists and investors as well.

The new holiday complex of the same name is situated closer to the adjacent beach of fine white sand.

Mineral water springs have been found in the surrounding area, though their tourist potential remains under-exploited.

There is a project for a new holiday resort of Shkorpilovtsi with a capasity of 30,000-45,000 beds.

The resort development, with a cost estimated at 2 billion euro, could easy become the biggest of its kind along Bulgaria's Northern Black Sea coastline, beating the 24,000-bed capacity of current leader Golden Sands.

The architectural design of the new resort was assisted financialy by the DZI group which has also contributed 50,000 levs for the drafting of the electricity grid.

The resort will have around 80 hotels and  around 100 residential apartment blocks .

Private properties will occupy 30 ha of the resort's 250 ha area. A stadium, a yacht marina and a gold course have also been planned.

Italian, Swiss , Belgian English ,American ,Germain ,and Irish  investors  have all bought building plots  in the Shkorpilovtsi project.


Distance to capital city: 373.672 km from Sofia

Altitude: 0 - 49m above sea level