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Dobrich district Bulgarian Golf Riviera

Yambol district invest in nature

Bourgas district the Black sea pearl

Varna district the Black sea capital

Sunny beach the biggest sea resort

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Black sea coast

Shkorpilovtsi the newest beach resort in Bulgaria

District Dobrich

Dobrich Region is located in the easternmost part of the hilly Danubian Plain and Dobrudzha.

The boundaries with the Black Sea, the Danube River and Romania coincide with the national borders.

The relief consists of lowlands and hilly plateaus. Low plateaus of up to 150–200 m high are very typical of this region.

It is called the ‘Granary of Bulgaria’. Typical of the agriculture in the region is wheat, fodder and technical crops.

There is an oil and gas field near Shabla. The region lies remote from major international transport corridors that pass through the country.

The territory of the region is a unique mosaic of natural and archaeological sites of interest.

Near the lakes of Shabla and Durankulak there are law-protected damp areas of international importance.

These territories are the most significant winter quarters in Europe for many water birds.

Kaliakra Reserve is the only one in Bulgaria, which extends over sea area.

The furthest northern riparian dense forest at the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is located in Baltata.

The seaside holiday tourism is concentrated mainly in Albena and Rusalka holiday resorts, the towns of Balchik and Kavarna, the village of Kranevo and the camping sites near Shabla.

Dobrich Region offers suitable conditions for hunting tourism (four game preserves are located on the territory of the region), business and conference tourism (in Albena and Rusalka), and fangotherapy (in the resorts of Shablenska Tuzla and Balchishka Tuzla).

6 golf-courses in regions of Balchik, Kavarna and Shabla

Travel: Wednesday, 2009-01-28 15:58
Article by: VisitToBulgaria.com

There will be at least 6 golf-courses in Dobrudzha Sea coast area.

Two of them were opened the last year - "BlackSeaRama" (investors Krasimir Gergov, Kuncho Stoychev and Andrey Raichev) and "Lighthouse Golf Resort & Spa" (shareholders "Balkanstroy" and "Baraj and Co.").

The complexes are located at the territory of Balchik municipality. "BlackSeaRama" covers 1000 acres, and "Lighthouse Golf Resort & Spa" - 1250 acres.

The schemes of both complexes are similar - professional golf course in a park and resort area with hotels and shopping malls.

The third golf course "Thracian Cliffs" is situated at the area of Kavarna and will be open in several months.

One of the investors there is again Krasimir Gergov in partnership with Georgi Tsvetanski.

Albena resort also planned a golf-course near village of Rogachevo (Balchik) but still now it is a project only.

Same is the situation with 2 other golf courses in Shabla municipality. Investor of one of them is Grisha Ganchev and of other Varna-based TIM group.