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About Bulgaria
Why invest in Bulgaria

Bulgaria geography

Reogions to invest in Bulgaria

Dobrich district Bulgarian Golf Riviera

Yambol district invest in nature

Bourgas district the Black sea pearl

Varna district the Black sea capital

Sunny beach the biggest sea resort

Golden sands park and resort area

Black sea coast

Shkorpilovtsi the newest beach resort in Bulgaria

About the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria

Bulgarians call the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria the "Front Garden of God". On the coast you will find more than 10 nature parks. In the coastal area you will find 300 hot water wells (600 in whole Bulgaria).

In the area of the Black Sea in Bulgaria you will find the beaches with fine pure white sands like Golden sands (north) and Sunny Beach (south).

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The water in the Black Sea is far from black, its turquoise blue and has a temperature of 24 degrees in the summer.

The sea water is not very salt because the whole Black Sea is surrounded by land and the only salt water that comes in the sea is coming from the river the Bosporus, who is the only connection with the Mediterranean Sea. The sea gradually goes deeper and there is virtually no tides so this makes it a perfect holiday destination for families. If you are lucky you can see dolphins swimming a long the coast.

* Biggest cities: Varna ( 350.000) and Burgas (280.000)
* Temperature: Summer 27/28 degrees, winter 3/6 degrees
* 5% if the inhabitants of Bulgaria are Sinti and Roma, 9% is Turkish
* Monthly income 250/280 lev a month
* 85% of tourists will visit the Black Sea Coast