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Kabland golf
Pomorie municipality

Pomorie municipality is located in South-East Bulgaria in Bourgas District.

Project for the biggest BG golf-course near Kableshkovo

Travel: Wednesday, 2009-01-28 14:40
Article by: VisitToBulgaria.com

There is a project for construction of biggest in Bulgaria golf-course near village of Kableshkovo (Pomorie municipality). Kableshkovo golf-course will be located 15 km. away from the Sea beach in the area of "Hijata" ("The chalet") at the foot of peak of Biberna.

The first dig was made in November 2007. The investor is "Kabland" - partnership of a British investment Fund "NJB consulting" and municipality of Pomorie (with 2000 ha. of land). The project will cost EUR 194 million and includes also a hotel for 5 thousand tourists (later it will be upgraded for to 8-10 thousand). It is expected start of construction works to begin in 6 months.

There are plans for golf-courses in regions of Primorsko and Sozopol, but they are rather wishes and there is no a real process steered by them.