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Property Ref N 126
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Constructional project for 11 villas with plot at Elhovo, Yambol, Bulgaria
Close to city
Business Projects
5733 sq.m.
1100 sq.m.

An investment project for 11 villas in peaceful countryside in the village of Borisovo, close to Strandja mountain and the town of Elhovo

The plot of land is 5733 sq.m. and has full architectural plans and permission to build.

This area is situated at the valley of the river Tundja, and is known like an ecological place with beautiful nature, mineral water, archeological history, unique birds, good lake for fishing and good game country.

Close to the main highway from the city of Yambol to Turkey.

This area is ideal for tourists who like fishing, cycling, pony trecking ,as this is most likely the flattest land area in Bulgaria.

Borissovo is approximately 80 km from the city of Burgas and its international airport.

The Turkish border is just 40 km away. Borissovo nestles between the towns of Yambol and Elhovo.

The village of Borissovo is approximately 20 km from Yambol and just 15 km from Elhovo.

This area is already popular with ex-pats who choose to come and live in Bulgaria.
They are choosing this area for the cheap property prices, living costs and the regions outstanding and unspoilt natural beauty.

This region has the highest amount of natural mineral springs, and Borissovo claims ownership to one of them.

There are many lakes, reservoirs and rivers. It is the top hunting and fishing area in Bulgaria.

Its countryside also lends itself to several outdoor pursuits i.e. hiking, cycling, canoeing, and climbing etc.
You may decide on This Borissovo project for the following reasons:

The size,11 villas, the elevated position, the views, and the price and because it is on the very edge of the village ,ensuring privacy.

It also comes with mains water and electricity.

The Development
We would like to tell you about the projecting complex.

The grounds extend to 5,700 M.

The villas will all be built facing towards the communal swimming pool.

All the houses will have access to and share the landscaped grounds.

There will be built 9 detached houses, and one pair of semi detached houses (one of the semis is designed to be used as a shop and café bar).
The semis and detached are all identical in style and size.

They are 83.5M² and consist of three bedrooms, bathroom, a wardrobe/ store room, an open plan lounge, dining room and kitchen.
They are all projecting in traditional style.

That means that the houses have open ceilings with exposed beams and rafters.

This gives the impression of a much larger, lighter and more airy room and it is very pleasing to the eye.

There are three large windows in the lounge which open fully onto the covered 11M² terrace area.

The Bulgarians call this their summer kitchen (Please view the plans for details).

Why Bulgaria, Why Now?
Bulgaria is roughly the same size as Britain, but the population is only eight million.

This means land is cheap and plentiful.
Compared by many to Marbella 20 years ago, the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is a very beautiful area, with wide white sandy beaches and clean blue sea.

It makes it a perfect destination for sailing, numerous water sports activities or just relaxing.

But it’s not just the beaches that people are attracted to, unlike Spain; Bulgaria has lush, green, unspoilt nature, perfect for outdoor sports, hiking, cycling, and fishing and hunting.

Bulgaria also offers good quality, cheap ski resorts.

With all this to offer Bulgaria appeals to a broad range of people.
Land at low prices, full EEC membership guaranteed, cheap flights, decreased profit tax just 10 % ,,and NATO membership, this can only mean safe and secure high growth potential for property investors.

Why Invest in Rural Bulgarian Homes?
If you are genuinely interested in this sector of business you should make comparisons to decide where to make your investment.

Business Strategy
In the last five years, the population of Bulgaria grew by 25%.

The majority of this growth was British and Scandinavian (amongst other Europeans).

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but low cost houses and the cheap cost of living are the main factors.

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